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We are a local community dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge about the culinary, healing and medicinal properties of mushrooms and plants.


We love spending time in nature and enjoying the bounty of the outdoors! Come and join us as we celebrate by guided foraging, workshops, live music, delicious food and local art.

Vint Elijha Westley 


Community Organizer

  Vending Coordinator

Meet Vint, he grew up in Ohio where his fondness of foraging came from picking blackberries as a kid. At the age of 18 he moved to Berkeley, California. He was able to explore his love for the outdoors, working at a camping store. Vint’s traveled coast to coast and all of the lower 48! He’s been hunting morels for 20 years now, but it was his move to the Oregon Coast in 2010 that grabbed his interest in mycology from exploring the coastal range. Vint's hobbies are beekeeping, rock hounding, foraging, herbalist farming and kayaking. He also makes art from nature; floating macrame end tables, mushroom shelves and plant hangers. Sometimes you'll find him in his garage, crafting with wood and screen printing spore print designs on clothes. All of which will be on display and for sale at the Ohio Mushroom Festival. He's blessed with 2 nature loving kids, Miles and Marin, his muses are coastal lines, good eats and the trusty woods!

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Kevin McLane


Hospitality Lead

Kevin is an educator in topics ranging from mathematics to food literacy. His passions include foraging and local ecology. He has foraged wild mushrooms for 15 years, a hobby that Kevin's eternally grateful for in how it brings him closer to nature. Kevin teaches mathematics in both high school and college. For his graduate thesis, he built a mathematical model to describe the symbiosis between ectomycorrhiza and trees in a forest ecosystem. He loves teaching others about the natural abundance around us and the benefits of sustainable local food systems. Kombucha fermentation has been a very fulfilling hobby from both a health and culinary perspective. Kevin enjoys the versatility of mixed culture fermentation and the innumerable possibilities for new applications. 

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Marin Pearl Westley


Marin is a young, independent artist  who is working towards being a tattooist. Music and being in nature inspire her creativity. Traveling is a passion of hers. Living on the coast of Oregon gave her a love for rainy days! With her parents always taking her in the woods to go foraging, hiking has became one of her hobbies and relaxations. 

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Elijha Miles Westley

Head of Merchandise

Miles is a free spirited young man with a love for all things nature. Growing up on the oregon coast & traveling with his parents from a young age developed his love for seeing the world. He enjoys foraging, hiking in the woods, cooking & spending time with his family. He is working to become an electrician with the goal to begin his own business one day. 

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Joel & Adriana

Vending & Volunteer Coordinators

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Myco Mike

Foray Coordinator

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