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Leland Gordon

Leland Gordon the owner/operator of "The Spore Store" has been growing mushrooms as a hobbyist for 20+ years and professionally for 4. A state certified grower with a knack for production and processing. Growing gourmet mushrooms for local restaurants and markets, along with medicinal varieties for his online store. Working with extractions and coming out with his own mushroom coffee alternative. Over the years techniques, recipes, and public interest has changed. He looks forward to adapting and learning as the industry takes a stronger foothold. Working with others in the Northeast Ohio area and making mushrooms more readily accessible to the public.


Amy Adams

Catering/Cooking Demo

Amy Adams Mushroom Spice Demo Join Amy Adams, owner of Peace Blends LLC (and official OMF caterer), for a mushroom curry spice blend demo! Amy will lead you through the process of making curry powder and curry sauce using locally foraged wild mushrooms. Attendees will receive a sample of curry sauce, a take home bag of the curry blend made during the demo, and all the free smells!


John Plischke


John Plischke III is a founding member and identifying mushroom expert for the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club, he has been awarded the club’s Distinguished Service Award. He is a life member of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) and NAMA has awarded John the prestigious Harry and Elsie Knighton Award and The Gary Lincoff Award for Contributions to Amateur Mycology. He has also presented programs to many NAMA affiliated mushroom clubs. He is the editor of two WPMC wild mushroom cookbooks. John is the author of Morel Mushrooms and Their Poisonous Look A Likes and Good Mushroom, Bad Mushroom. He has also contributed to over a 16 other mushroom books. John has won over 85 national and regional awards for his mushroom photography. He is also past chairman of the Fungus Section of the PA Biological Survey. He has given scores mushroom programs from the East coast to the West coast and across Canada. John is often away from home giving mushroom talks and identifying mushrooms for many different groups and has identified over 500,000 mushroom observations for others on iNaturalist which he enjoys doing. He has over 2600 different species of mushrooms posted on iNaturalist. He enjoys collecting and DNA sequencing.

Shannon Leahy Mushroom photography workshop I'll be doing a exhibition on capturing the art and life cycles of mushrooms. In this presentation I'll be using my close-up photography to show unique features of mushroom anatomy, along with displaying how factors such as lighting, age and moisture can affect their appearances. Come join me on this all season photo voyage to see what kind of delights Ohio has in store for you to discover!


Shanon Leahy

Moshier's Mushrooms LLC *Making Candy With Mushrooms* Moshier's Mushrooms will be doing a demonstration on how to prepare wild mushrooms into delectable candies and treats. They will also be showing some fun ways to incorporate the left over mushroom infused syrups for minimal waste and a few ideas to include the candied mushrooms into delicious desserts. Dylan and Jessica's journey began with a love for nature and curious minds. Dylan worked by trade as a chef for years before taking the leap of studying and working with fungi full time. They began growing and foraging mushrooms to sell at local farmers markets and restaurants, Finding out their rural local community didn't know much beyond the button Mushroom, they began educating their locals on how to cook with wild and cultivated mushrooms alike. With the love of cooking and mushrooms they began to experiment on different ways to cook and preserve them. They found making candy and jerky inspired many people who normally didn't enjoy eating mushrooms to give them a try.

Moshier's Mushrooms


Sherab wears many hats – he is a librarian working at the Ohio State University, a freelance translator of Tibetan Buddhism, a tea master, AND, a self-taught wild edible mushrooms & plants forager. If you don’t find him in the library or at his translation desk, then very likely he has gone either to the woods to pick mushrooms, or is somewhere having tea with friends. He takes a life-long learning approach to gain holistic knowledge towards a better way of living. During his tenure at Ohio State, he has been advising student groups focused on tea culture and Buddhist meditation, and led wild edible plants/mushrooms walks. Amazed by the biodiversity of the Buckeye state, he has been documenting and sharing his foraging experiences on Instagram and via other social media sites. He is interested in forming a wild plants/mushrooms foraging community and establishing standards and safety guidelines, and seeks collaboration with groups of people to create a safe environment and sound reputation for all foragers. ======= Reach him on Instagram:

Sherab Chen


Flannel Roots Farm is a small 1/4 acre suburban permaculture farm that uses permaculture principles and regenerative agro ecological practices. Our primary crop is culinary and certified foraged mushrooms, grown both in vertical and outdoor environments, mushrooms products, farm and foraged art supplies, as well as permaculture, natural pigmentation creation both farm/foraged, and regenerative education. Our website: @flannelrootsfarm insta/tiktok Workshop: Our workshop will include a learning opportunity about Fomes fomentarius, the tinder conk. From harvesting, utilizing, and creating with the Amadou layer of the mushroom we can begin to understand its amazing benefits and uses within our daily lives. We will also learn some basic crafting skill and leatherwork techniques, as well as bushcraft/survival uses with starting fire from Fomes fomentarius/Amadou as well as its healing and practical topical uses. Folx will have an opportunity via volunteer participation to learn one or more techniques.

Flannel Roots Farm


Jessica Williams

iNaturalist tutorial during identifications

Jessica Williams Jessica's fascination with fungi ignited with a simple curiosity about the woods around her, quickly transforming into an insatiable quest for knowledge about local fungal species. Devouring every book on the subject, she soon plunged into the world of DNA sequencing. Today, Jessica is a pivotal sequence validator for the Ohio Mushroom DNA Lab (OMDL) and the Fungal Diversity Survey (FunDis). Beyond her lab work, she cultivates exotic mushrooms at Epiphany Mushroom Co., hunts for elusive lilac boletes in the wild, and eagerly shares her expertise on fungi with the iNaturalist community. Jessica's journey from curious observer to expert mycologist is a testament to her relentless passion and dedication.

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