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Culture Class

Carlry Conrad

This workshop will offer an introduction to culturing techniques for both plants and fungus mycelium. Tissue culture can be used for clonal propagation, spawn production, as well as genetic preservation. Learn how to build a clean space to make agar plates, build a fungus strain culture bank, and techniques to ensure your cultures stay clean.

Topic: Mushroom Photography

Shannon Leahy

Photographer Shannon Leahy will be joining us to set up an exhibition of her work capturing the art and life cycles of mushrooms. In her presentation she will be showing her close-up photography to show unique features of mushroom anatomy, along with displaying factors such as lighting, age, and moisture that can affect their appearances. Join her for an all season photo voyage to see what kind of delights Ohio has in store for you to discover! 


All About Cordyceps

Leland Gorgan

The Spore Store is a mushroom growing company focusing on supplying locals with fresh gourmet mushrooms at a fair price along with providing high quality medicinal mushroom products. Certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to sell to restaurants and grocery stores. The owner, Leland Gordon, has grown mushrooms for 20+ years as a hobbyist and professionally for 3. With a deep interest in new techniques and varieties there's always something in the works at The Spore Store.

Mushroom Growing Indoors

Craig & Michelle Tomko

A Tip of the Cap Mushrooms is a small grower of gourmet mushrooms in Bristolville, Ohio. You can find their fresh mushrooms at Rulli Bros, White House Fruit Farm, Scarpaci Produce, and Miles Farmer Market. Local restaurants purchase mushrooms as well. They also have grow at home kits and mushroom based spice blends. Follow on Facebook for delivery updates and special events. Contact:

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Kombucha - Beyond a Healthy Beverage

Kevin McLane

An introduction to the joy of kombucha related ferments and its many avenues of experimentation. 

Kevin McLane is an educator in topics ranging from mathematics to food literacy. His passions include foraging and local ecology. He has foraged wild mushrooms for 15 years, a hobby that he is eternally grateful for in how it brings him closer to nature. He is a mathematics teacher in both high school and college. For his graduate thesis, he built a mathematical model to describe the symbiosis between ectomycorrhizae and trees in a forest ecosystem. Kevin loves teaching others about the natural abundance around us and the benefits of sustainable local food systems. Kombucha fermentation has been a very fulfilling hobby from both a health and culinary perspective. He enjoys the versatility of mixed culture fermentation and the innumerable possibilities for new applications. 

Mushroom Coffee Substitite

Jill Schroer

Jill Schroer, practicing Community Herbalist graduated from the California School of Herbal Medicine’s two year intensive program in 1997. After she moved back to Ohio in 1997, she earned her license in Massage Therapy.  In 2000 she opened a small herbal business, Green Magic Farms, LLC. She creates quality small batch herbal remedies for the whole family. In 2008 she became a Certified Professional Midwife and has since welcomed over 500 babies in Central Ohio. Most of these babies were born at home. More recently in 2014, she along with her husband purchased her grandparents farm and have been slowly transforming it into a beautiful herbal experience. They offer classes, plant walks, and herbal consultations.


Kids Mushroom Workshop

Kate Miller

Kate's interest in food education began during her studies in dietetics and nutrition. Over time, she has been involved in diverse initiatives, consistently advocating for locally based, seasonal food systems. Her passion in this area has helped her to develop workshops that aim to encourage a sense of curiosity and excitement around small-scale culinary mushroom cultivation with friends, family and local community.  These humble workshops are the embodiment of her commitment to local food production and hopefully continue to inspire others to explore the joys of sustainable and healthy living. She is excited to be teaching the Kiddo's Grow Class at the festival!

Acorn Processing

James Mann

James Mann, naturalist, says he has always felt at home in the woods. Hiking, camping, and exploring were a big part of his childhood. Unfortunately there was not much opportunity so he decided to move to the city and become a chef. After toiling in restaurants around Columbus for almost 10 years, and interning at a Michelin-star restaurant in Sweden, he was burnt out and wanted to go a different route. He worked for a small, local mushroom farm for four years and learned the art of growing mushrooms. This re-sparked his love for the woods. Now, he has started his business Spicebush Woodcraft and Foraging to pursue his two greatest passions; teaching others about foraging and the natural world around them, and how to help and be a steward of the land. When he is not doing those things, he is working on building custom furniture and other wood-based crafts using native, sustainably sourced woods and primarily uses hand tools. He enjoys working on his homestead that was built with his partner Sarah and him. They call their home Cottonwood Hollow Homestead. 


Reshi Art Workshop

Kellar Family Mushrooms 

Kellar Family Mushrooms are a family run business consisting of a husband, wife and 6 kids! They started Kellar Family Mushrooms in 2020 as a way to provide for their selves and the community with high-quality, affordable and healthy food options that you cannot find at the local grocery stores.  They offer fresh mushrooms, as well as counter kits to grow your own mushrooms at home, sterilized hardwood bags, grain spawn, sterilized grain and liquid cultures, all made with food grade ingredients! Mushroom cultivation is a passion of theirs and they always are trying to improve our products and offer the widest selection in the area.

Traditional Tincture Workshop 

Cara Monigold

Cara's Folk tradition tincture worship includes teas, vinegars and alcohol based extractions with traditional recipes for healing. She grew up freely roaming the woods as a little one living in the Foothills of the Appalachians. Helping her family garden using indigenous land practices, selling the family's pumpkins + freshly pressed apple cider on the side of the road. They grew up bartering, trading + naturally sourcing whatever they needed at the time to be able to sustain their livelihood. She's excited by the fact that the presenters + workshops provided at the Ohio Mushroom Fest will offer similar tools of self-sustainability as she learned growing up + way beyond given this time in existence where humans are returning back to the woods for nourishment, wisdom + health!


Natural Dye Workshop

Ashley Avocado

Ashley Avocado is a self-taught seamstress from Carroll County, Ohio. She taught herself to sew as a teenager and has refined her skills over the years while traveling the country selling her creations at various shows and events. Currently Ashley is rooted in Ohio living on her "hand-me-down homestead", a 24-acre piece of land her family grew up on. Patchwork clothing and accessories made with upcycled and second-hand materials are the base of her business. As a hobby plant dyer, she uses foraged plants, home grown plants and even kitchen scraps to create beautiful colors on natural fabrics. 

 Rising Earth Yoga

Mallory Saunders

Raising Consciousness Thru Connecting to the Earth. All Levels Elemental Yoga Offerings Movement + Mind Medicine led by Mallory Saunders RYT 500 / RPYT. Purify and Empower Yourself with Powerful Practices that Gently Guide you back to your Heart to Rediscover your Inner Truth. Come as you are and Love whatever arises. 

After losing her older sister Michelle in a car accident when she was 12 years old Mallory learned how to cope with overwhelming pain by freezing up, shutting down her heart and shutting people out. She spent many years hurt, angry, insensitive and lost, going thru the motions of life, avoiding and numbing her buried emotions to the point where she totally lost touch with who she was. Thru movement, meditation, music, art, plant medicine + tribe she continues to reconnect with her true self, peeling back the layers one day at a time. 


Mallory has been practicing Yoga for 13 years and guiding students in their own experience for 9 years. She received her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification in 2014 at Open Way Yoga Studio in Huron, Ohio where she currently teaches and shares offerings. She received her 300hr and Prenatal Yoga certification from Prana Yoga Institute in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2020. 


Mallory is a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher with a passion for Herbal Medicine and Intentional Living. She creates spiritual tools, medicines and self care items. She offers classes, workshops and personal yoga sessions. She enjoys helping others reconnect to themselves and the world around them. 


Spore Print Workshop

Vint Westley 

Learn how to create spore prints with an added touch of nature or stencils. We will be identifying various types of mushrooms while using mushrooms and mushroom spores to create art. This is a great way to preserve the shape and texture of mushrooms to keep or gift.

Cooking with Intention

Lorenzo Tavani

Private chef Lorenzo Tavani based out of Columbus Ohio joins us to share his mission to empower people to grow, forage, cook, and eat more nutritious food at home. He believes that the current food system we rely on is broken, and believes everyone can live a nourishing life with the proper amount of intention behind their food decisions. “Life is too short to eat boring food!” - Lorenzo Tavani. 


Lions Mane Cooking Demo

Fresh Fungi Farm 

As longtime mushroom enthusiasts Chad and Michelle Fritz of Fresh Fungi Farm, located in Delaware, Ohio, began their cultivating journey as a hobby for the love of fungi and realized they wanted to share this with their community.  Through trial and error, extensive research and attending an incredible course taught by Paul Stamets, they are bringing their dream to reality as they grow into the vision they have for their farm. They strongly believe small businesses and local farms are the cornerstone of the local economy, the heart of the community, and supporting local farmers is the most sustainable practice we all can follow as consumers.  It is their great pleasure and goal to make this highly nutritious and sustainably cultivated protein available to the local Ohio community and beyond. Fresh Fungi Farm truly believes in the power of fungi and hopes to inspire everyone to learn about the important role it plays in our ecosystem and its untapped potential value for bringing viable and sustainable solutions to our society.

Making Mushroom Risotto 

Joshua Byers

Chef Joshua Byers first started his chef career in Savannah Georgia where he did an apprenticeship with French chef Julien DeFontaine for 3 years then moved to Los Angeles. There he opened a restaurant for Harrison Ford’s son Chef Ben Ford 2 years then received an executive chef position at a boutique hotel in Fayetteville Arkansas for 3 years. Then he moved to Montana for a summer where he did a cooking demo once for a wild mushroom festival where they talked about foraging and types of mushrooms. After that, Joshua moved to Denver Colorado where he was executive chef of one of the best Italian restaurants. He recently moved home to help his mom out.


Sound Bath + Yoga

Steve Turner 

Steve Turner is from Cleveland Ohio. He has played musical medicine his whole life. He starts every yoga class off playing guitar leading you through some breath work relaxing you into a deep savasana. A guitar meditation followed by an uplifting yoga class. He likes to go out the same way he starts. This way we notice the difference we make in the body the “space” for growth we create. Steve finishes with a savasana that is filled with sound bowls and Gongs, chimes, pyramids and more . It is surely to bring you to Bliss and leave you feeling alive. When not practicing he can be found doing sound baths.  Steve’s SOUND JOURNEY, sound bath is a little different. He starts off by playing acoustic guitar and works on some breath work to slow down the mind and tune yourself into your body. He then continues with the crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, and much more. Working through the chakras letting the vibrations move around the room and work their magic. You will leave energized yet relaxed. Ready for a great night's sleep and the week to come. He also loves playing guitar during other yogis' classes. Truly putting the class in harmony. He can be followed at 

Back to the earth yoga or Steve Turner on insta & Fb.  When not doing sound healing or teaching he enjoys hiking with his trusty sidekick puppy dog Rosie, and late night bike rides . The end. Namaste

Sound Bath

Anthony Sterling


Anthony Sterling is a music producer, educator, and performer at GeneOhm Sound & Wellness. He founded GeneOhm as a way to share his love for music with the world by blending his background in music production, lifelong career as a performer, and his research into the physical properties of vibration in relation to human perception and meditation. After countless workshops, facilitator collaborations, Yoga retreats, festivals, harmonious gatherings, community markets, and other live performances, Anthony came to realize that the true power in music is not in the relationship between "performer and audience," but in gathering people together in community to experience co-creation so that we may learn from one another.

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More Workshops TBA

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