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Cooking Demos With Mushrooms, Herbs and Other Foraged Items.

Melany Kahn

Cooking Demo for families: “How to Cook Mushrooms for the Non-mushroom Lover in Your Life” There will be a mushroom tasting and a mushroom tasting challenge!


Melany Kahn is a second generation mushroom forager. At the age of four, she started hunting for mushrooms in Vermont when her family bought a farm in West Brattleboro in 1968. For the last 22 years she has taught children how to forage for wild mushrooms. Since September 2022, Melany has traveled to over 51 U.S. cities to share mushroom education with crowds of excited kiddos. She is on fire when she steps in front of the children. They read her energy and light up. Recently, Melany presented a talk to children at TEDxBoston on planetary stewardship, "You're never too young to learn or too old to start foraging". She became a Vermont volunteer Guardian Ad Litem (court appointed advocate for children), and then established her own 12- year practice as a family court mediator. She was a six-year Board Member at Hilltop Montessori School, Brattleboro, VT. She is a member of the Education Committee for the North American Mycological Association Board (NAMA), and a Board Member of the Monadnock Mushroomers Unlimited, her local NH mushroom club. She attended Wesleyan University, (BA, English/Creative Writing). She holds a Masters in Social Work from Boston College, and an MFA in Film from The Tisch School at NYU where she met her illustration collaborator, Ellen Korbonski. Melany lives in New Hampshire and Vermont with her husband and children, a dog, 3 cats and 17 chickens. She and her husband co-own The Porch Cafe in Brattleboro. You can find her leading mushroom walks or foraging at every opportunity. Mason Goes Mushrooming is her first book.

Made with Love Cbus was created with the mission to bring plant based meals to households with a desire to eat a balanced colorful diet. Since starting as an exclusive whole food, planted based, private chef service, we have expanded to offer more options and serve a larger part of our community. Our roots will always be firmly established in plant based cooking: suggesting plant based sides and meals that are delicious without meats and oils. Our expansion to serving meat based, or meat accompanied dishes, are only possible due to our relationships with local farmers, and other ethically conscious ranchers and suppliers. We aim to make the best vegetable dishes you have ever had. Naturally low in calories and unhealthy fats, eating more vegetables is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. That’s just the start of Made with Love Cbus’ mission. Contact us to discuss how we can provide better meals for your homes and special events.

Made With Love Cbus

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