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Big Blitz

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Big Blitz combines jazz, rock, and electronic musical influences to create their own dynamic sound. Brothers Lucas Ciesielski (Tenor Sax, Bari Sax) and Mason Ciesielski (Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Synthesizers) unite with drummer Nick Grabigel to forge their unique, infectious style. The trio’s chemistry, energy, and stage presence makes dancing mandatory, rather than optional. Their meld of vintage instruments with modern technology consistently mesmerizes audiences and delivers a huge, hard-hitting sound that will create an unforgettable show.


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Ananga Martin 

Ananga Martin is an orange groves to Appalachia singer-songwriter living in West Virginia. She loves to explore the idea of “home.”  She dreams strong, is deeply inspired by her inner and outer landscapes, and tries to understand how they are connected through songwriting and art.  A mother of three, Ananga can usually be found outside with the trees and plants, where she feels most open and held. Her debut album, Moonlight and Fire, was released in 2019. She is eagerly anticipating the release of her sophomore record, Santa Ana, at the end of the year.

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The Mars Express

The Mars Express delivers musical gifts for all earthlings to enjoy! Vocalist Sara Smile and Berklee alumni, Marcelino “Mars” Quiroz, join together to bring you their flavor of jazz, neo-soul and funk. You can catch The Mars Express as a duo or decked out with all the frills blasting out cosmic frequencies into an atmosphere near you. A few of their favorites are: Hiatus Kaiyote, BadBadNotGood, Butcher Brown, Erykah Badu, JDilla, and Herbie Hancock. You can find Mars and Sara orbiting around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond sounding like a good time, jamming originals and handpicked favorite tunes. So, dust the cobwebs off your space suit, grab your moon goggles and jump on The Mars Express!

Hunter Reed

 Since 2013, Hunter Reed has been on a quest to discover his own unique sounds through musical production and sound engineering. After attending his first live electronic music event and being gifted his first music producing software, Hunter’s journey through sound and tech has been effervescent and unique to say the least. Beginning in the realms of moombahton, he was able to sift through the noise to find the sounds that make him tick. Upon doing so he landed on bass music, dubstep, left-field and continues to explore the realms further. 

Hunter’s inspiration for the music he makes now, is what he envisions the center of the earth to sound like. Putting your ear up to the crust and becoming enveloped in all of the sounds’ ominous reverb and oozing sub bass, deep from the core, Hunter aims to produce the darkest tones that others could only imagine. 

Joining lineups with dubstep legends such as Egoless, DJ Madd, and other up and coming artists like Chief Kaya, Hunter Reed shows he deserves to be here with his enchanting live performances of original and fellow producer’s tunes. Breaking all boundaries and pushing the limits of bass music as far as they go. Encrypted Audio and their deep discography continues to repeatedly come for the tunes of Hunter Reed and the diversity he has to offer with multiple heavy-hitting releases.

Releases/Social Media

Music | Hunter Reed (

Hunter Reed (@hunterreedmusic) • Instagram photos and videos

Big Blitz Promo Photo.jpg
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Fungi is a Recording Artist & Freestyle Rap Magician from Pittsburgh, PA. Specializing in spontaneous improvised rapping, Fungi can take any random topic & turn it into a fun filled freestyle flow off the top of the dome! Dead-icated to living his purpose of spreading love and sharing his passion, Fungi combines the mystery of mushrooms and the universal language of music to bring a new paradigm of conscious hip hop medicine to the people. Keep an eye out, you might just see a rapping mushroom man show up in the streets of your hometown, ready to throw down!

Sugar Mules 

The Boys don’t know who Larry Lumpf is, but they swear no one's said it better: “There is a middle way between nihilism and eternalism–you have what you have while you have it. It is better to have had sugar for a while than never to have had it... if everything was sugar, there would be no sugar.”

But if philosophy isn’t your thing there’s still a strong chance you’ll find yourself dancin’ your boots off to a Sugar Mules tune. As of today, they have four singles out, showcasing their ability to compose original Bluegrass music that is fresh and dynamic. You can hear em' fighting their damnedest to occupy that liminal space – the Bluegrass Yin and Yang – of progressive and traditional sound.

Cleveland, OH-based and Cleveland-loyal, Sugar Mules have got Lake Erie water pumping through their veins. Strike a match–they dare ya…

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More Music TBA

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