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Fungi is a Recording Artist & Freestyle Rap Magician from Pittsburgh, PA. Specializing in spontaneous improvised rapping, Fungi can take any random topic & turn it into a fun filled freestyle flow off the top of the dome! Dead-icated to living his purpose of spreading love and sharing his passion, Fungi combines the mystery of mushrooms and the universal language of music to bring a new paradigm of conscious hip hop medicine to the people. Keep an eye out, you might just see a rapping mushroom man show up in the streets of your hometown, ready to throw down!

The Mars Express

The Mars Express delivers musical gifts for all earthlings to enjoy! Vocalist Sara Smile and Berklee alumni, Marcelino “Mars” Quiroz, join together to bring you their flavor of jazz, neo-soul and funk. You can catch The Mars Express as a duo or decked out with all the frills blasting out cosmic frequencies into an atmosphere near you. A few of their favorites are: Hiatus Kaiyote, BadBadNotGood, Butcher Brown, Erykah Badu, JDilla, and Herbie Hancock. You can find Mars and Sara orbiting around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond sounding like a good time, jamming originals and handpicked favorite tunes. So, dust the cobwebs off your space suit, grab your moon goggles and jump on The Mars Express!The Boys don’t know who Larry Lumpf is, but they swear no one's said it better: “There is a middle way between nihilism and eternalism–you have what you have while you have it. It is better to have had sugar for a while than never to have had it... if everything was sugar, there would be no sugar.”Cleveland, OH-based and Cleveland-loyal, Sugar Mules have got Lake Erie water pumping through their veins. Strike a match–they dare ya…

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Ebb & Flow 

Originating from Northeastern Ohio, Ebb and Flow imbue their auditory elixir by skillfully fusing a myriad of musical inspirations sans constraint. Their musical foundation draws from the rich wells of psychedelia, funk, hip-hop, and reggae. Through deftly intertwining and constructing tracks, they conjure an enchanting tapestry brimming with dimension and substance, alongside the captivating allure of resplendent vocals. To add to the grove, their lyrical ingenuity crafts a poignant and soulful imprint of a life well-lived and countless adventures yet to be embarked upon.

John Welton & The Awakening

John Welton & The Awakening is a band that is dedicated to bringing their message to the world in the form of musical medicine. With so many different influences, it is tricky to pigeon hole them into a genre, but the overall feeling is that the music that comes from JWATA is meant to heal and speak directly to YOU, while getting your body moving and dancing through your emotions. JWATA is very aware of the mycelial nature of the crowd and the band, and there is always a very powerful connection with them and any crowd that tends to make each show its very own magical, one-off.

High energy, big sing alongs, funky grooves and thoughtful lyrics are a guarantee at any John Welton & The Awakening show.


More Music TBA

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